Here below “Frequently asked questions”, you will find answers to some common questions about escape games:

  • Who can play?

    Anyone over 15 years can play (also children accompanied by one or more adults can play) and no maximum age limit, with family, friends, work colleagues or corporate business game.

  • Why try?

    Escape games offers a different experience to other classic group activities, as it gives the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem solving and other skills such as taking decissions at important key moments. It will be a very funny experience and a challenge for all team members. You’ll definitely want to repeat the experience in other rooms and environments.

  • It‘s too difficult?

    Our premises consist of six different, acclimated rooms around different frames to follow, with tests and different themes that are overcome with skill and intelligence, mainly. Each game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes, during which you will have to solve numerous tests of logic, concentration or strategy. It is not necessary to have a very special talent, to solve it, but effective use of your imagination, intelligence and mental dexterity, when it comes to act quickly. This does not necessarily mean that everyone can finish and solve the game: only the most avid and those who are well blended with their colleagues, can pass all the tests in time.

  • Do we have to get dressed in a special way?

    No. But it is recommendable to have as little as possible to stuff, in order to make sure the comfort during the game. In any case, we have lockers where you can leave your belongings during the duration of escapism.

  • Are we sure during the game?

    Yes. Although the making of of one of our game rooms is really terrifying, you will not find creatures or real dangers, such as those that exist out there in haunted houses and are used to be common.
    In addition, a supervisor will monitor and supervise all our premises in real time.
    In any case, if someone in the group feels oppressed or overwhelmed or need to leave for an emergency, you can end the game at any time you desire and leave the space, just letting us know. We‘ll be watching the cameras and sound in every room.

  • Curiosities: Are there any movies or games based on this activity?

    There are many computer games in which you can find similarities with games escape regarding hidden clues, solving puzzles, adventures in enclosed spaces, logic tests …
    International television programs as “The Crystal Maze” and “Cube” and movies like “Saw”, “Cube”, “The game” or “Fermat’s Room”, also try the same concept more or less realism , leading to limits of terror, intrigue, tension or more to logic and strategy.

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