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ROOM ESCAPE “JURASSIC LAB”, SAVE THE WORLD! Your mission will be replenish the electricity of the island of dinosaurs that you are going to access, as it is out of control. For them you will have to access a genetic laboratory from which, overcoming all the tests, you arrive to restore the electricity of the security […]

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ESCAPE ROOM “EDISON V.S. TESLA” New York. 1888. Thomas A. Edison’s electric company has no rival in this new and electrifying Industrial Revolution. Its DC power plants are the most demanded in the USA. and its prestige transcends borders until it reaches Europe, where the name of a Serbo-Croat employee of the company begins to […]

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ESCAPE ROOM – WHO KILLED DAVID KENTLEY? Even twelve years later, the assassination of Senator Kentley remains unsolved. The body was found in his apartment with apparent signs of strangulation. The judge in charge made numerous attempts and investigations interrogating for months and interrogated all suspected persons, who were related to the young politician, but […]

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TERROR ESCAPE ROOM – THE NANAKO ROOM Nobody wants to spend the night in room number 104 at the Hotel Nakata of Madrid, a terror escape room. Twenty-four years ago almost all members of a Japanese family spent a quiet holiday in Spain, and they were victims of a terrible fire that originated in that […]

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EXHAUST GAME LIVE IN “THE WHITE ROOM” With this room we return to the original concept of the live escape games arrived from Budapest in which there is no story, only the challenge of escaping from the room “The white room”. In this case, players will enter a completely white room with few elements with […]

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ESCAPE ROOM IN MADRID – THE VATICAN Father Esteban went to the Grand Master in St. Peter’s Basilica for advice. After hearing him, he run away to Madrid, where he hid the Holy Grail. A few weeks later, Esteban is found dead in the Church of La Purisima and the Order of the Temple decides […]

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ESCAPE ROOM CASINO IN MADRID – ¡DECIPHER THE PUZZLE! In the Escape Room Casino Madrid, the boldest of our informants has managed to locate where a state secret is hidden, that would shake the foundations of Congress. According confirmations, one of the safest banks in Spain custody a tiny microfilm, and it contains very important […]

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