New York. 1888.

Thomas A. Edison’s electric company has no rival in this new and electrifying Industrial Revolution. Its DC power plants are the most demanded in the USA. and its prestige transcends borders until it reaches Europe, where the name of a Serbo-Croat employee of the company begins to resonate: Nikola Tesla.

The promising inventor and mechanical engineer manages to reach New York at the age of 28, where his efforts and ideas are despised by Edison, who was his example to follow. It is then when he decides to found his own company, based on a new and revolutionary invention: the alternating current, which could go much further with the help of transformers, making electricity much cheaper.

This infuriates Edison, who sees that his patent collapses. Thus begins the War of the Currents, where Edison becomes obsessed with demonstrating the dangerousness of alternating current, using it to burn different animals alive in front of large audiences. After experimenting with elephants and still not getting the favor of the public, which continues to venerate Tesla, decides to jump to the electric chair.

One of your team is kidnapped to die among his experiments. Your mission is to rescue him and to escape the electrical system designed by Edison, thus leaving his trap alive. Mind you, be very careful with the time. Each failure will make you lose two minutes of your only chance to survive.


60 minutes


2-6 players

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