The Spear of Destiny


“Escape City Box – The Spear of Destiny is available in more than 60 cities”.

The game requires a free download of the Escape City Box mobile app, which you can find in the Play Store or Apple Store.
You must be in the city of Madrid to play the game.
You don’t need to book in advance to play (you can play the day and time you want), you will only have to buy the Escape City Box in our Escape College Madrid facilities, from the online sales link below or by writing to contacto@escapecitybox.com if you have any questions.


You can buy it [HERE]



“The Spear of Destiny” :

The discovery of an ancient coded message between two collaborators of the Nazi German government raises suspicions that the Spear of Destiny, with which the Romans took the life of Jesus Christ on the cross, is hidden in Spain.

This relic, which according to legend gives divine powers to whoever possesses it, has been the object of desire of kings and world leaders for centuries, provoking battles and crusades to get hold of it.

Will you be able to track it down and locate it so that its power can be exposed and analysed? You will embark on an adventure through the exciting history of this legendary spear, which will take you to places where the true Spear of Destiny was hidden.


Here you can see a trailer of the game’s plot:



You can buy the Escape City Box online from this link:


More information at escapecitybox.com.

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